Friday, February 29, 2008

what's that meat smell?

So i am just minding my own in my box when the sweet sweet smell of BBQ comes creeping in.
I stepped out to investigate and saw a bit of a gathering just out of reach from the box. 
me : "hey whats going on over there?"
guy walking by : "homeless people and hotdogs."
Sounds like my kind of party! If i could be a super hero for the day...

vein melter

With more and more sunny days on the horizon it's gonna be a while before i see this again. I'm looking forward to the warmth but I am going to miss this a little. This is a song you should probably have to go with this photo.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

the talk of the town!

Nevermind the the snowplow, nevermind the guy shredding crete down the sidewalk in the rain like he just lifted a banana, some out dated milk and a pack of jerky from the bodega down the block. Focus your attention to one of the biggest concert announcements this city has been graced with in i dunno how many years! Nothing better to brighten a gloomy day than to find out that SPIRIT OF THE WEST is making a stop right here in this city while on their upcoming tour! "Can it get any better" i ask you? And you clearly answer "Gazzif!"
Who is opening but the Legendary Ashley Macisaac!
Rock on!
Tickets on sale @ Goodfoot and Roden Grey.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

take it elsewhere...

This guy obviously took a wrong turn and got lost driving his moving truck to his new studio/live space in Strathcona. Keep it east of Main you fuckin D-bag!!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

beers and beers and a portrait by a guy wasted on beers

Beers popped by at closing time with 6 of our favorite Buds. we hung around and enjoyed the company and this passerbyer had an artistic moment. i'll say!
the master PEACE...

Friday, February 22, 2008

when the sun goes down

she was either napping or throwing a wicked voodoo hexx my way. whatever it was it took her about 30 minutes to complete, during witch time she moved not a muscle. i kept my distance. and i didn't wake up dead....yet 

everybody is doing it...

... and i have never been one to not jump on a bandwagon when it comes on down the road. so here is the deal; i spend a great deal of my life in a box. it has a ruff, a floor and 4 walls. one of the walls has windows with a view to what is going on outside of the box. i don't have a digital camera at home but the box i spend most of my time in does have a digital camera. so i figure why not fill you in on all of the great and not so great things that go on just outside of my box and some of the things that even go on inside of my box