Wednesday, March 5, 2008

As it turns out, my box happens to be located right around the corner from the spot where some of the worlds most savage bike builders work day and night to create bikes so awesome you cant even call them bikes anymore. I refer to them as "rigs" or "hogs" or "steeds". More often than not, they will not stop at just building a deadly hog, but they will construct a whole look to themselves to compliment their most recent build. I have decided that these artisans need to be introduced to the outside world via photo documentation. This is no easy task as most of these geniuses prefer anonymity likely due to the fact they are evading Johnny Law. I was lucky enough to get this beast to stop for a photo as he was riding to the front line of battle. He was very reluctant to be in the photo and if he reads this i will most likely be taking my final nap in a dumpster. But that is all part of being a photo journalist. 

And oh yeah, don't be surprised if you see a bike that kinda looks like the one that got stolen from you but only now it's way radder and ready to ride head on into Armageddon!

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