Wednesday, March 26, 2008


what you don't see moments before the first of these photos was taken was this bandito jumping down off his electric pony (thats "h" for you non street savy), convinced his indexs and thumbs were loaded six shooters and waving them blazingly at smokey who was hot on his tail. Obviously the boys in blue figured this was clearly enough to provoke a beatdown (BEATDOWN!!!) which they distributed with fine execution. 
Officer Red took the left and Constable French Fry took the right and took turns with knees....
.... and bows.....
... and more knees... a few fists and precinct issued black boot loads over and over until...TIMBER!!
At which point it was hard for Officer Red to conceal his victorious stoke! I think i even saw a little partner pat on the bum. "way to go partner" "way to go partner".
"Can i get you anything? A soda? Anything? Ok you just sit tight and my boy French Fry will be right with ya."
By the look on his face i would have to say that the reason Constable French Fry joined the force was to glove perps.
spectators, passerbyers, gawkers, witnesses and....



El Scumador said...

our nominees for post of the year(first 2 months we've all had blogs):

-crunchator - herpes poll
-beers - the one about the giant moose eating eagle
-view from this box - VPD-Bags
-Wookie - Pile High Club

and the winner is...


Anonymous said...

maybe you should update your blog.